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FSF's upcoming City Guide will feature the hottest mom and pop shops, boutiques and vintage sneaker spots recommended by female sneaker fiends world wide. And we'll make sure to highlight the stores that carry small sizes! During the month of May, for every store you review, you will be entered into our drawing for free WNBA tickets or an official FSF logo tee of your choice. Send your entries to: by June 1st to be entered to win! Each entry should include your name and email, as well as answers to the following questions about the store(s) you're reviewing:

Name of store:
Phone #:
Website and/or contact email (if they have one):
Vibe/staff: (ie-too cool for school, really helpful and knowledgeable, chill space, etc)
What’s good: (brands, styles, etc.)
Smallest sizes/women’s selection:
Reviewed by: (what name would you like us to list, and would you like it to be a link to anywhere (myspace, facebook, website, etc.?)
++Include 1 good pic of the store and/or their logo

Many thanks to adidas for all the free WNBA tix! Get your reviews in now to win yours... (or your FSF tee)

Here's a few stores that Fee and I did to get it started...but we need YOU to make it worldwide! And remember, the more stores you review, the more times you get entered to WIN!

  United States-- Northeast Region
  New York

6 Clearway Street, Boston, MA
Closed on holidays and Tuesdays.
Vibe: The concept alone is so well carried out that it’s worth visiting. The kicks seal the deal, but you have to know it’ll be packed with both heads and posers. 
What’s good: All the exclusives you could want, plus uber-trendy streetwear.
Smallest sizes/women’s collection: Fairly decent variety, highlighted by small sizes in fly Pumas.
Reviewed by: Lori

Concepts (inside The Tannery)
11A Brattle St. Cambridge, MA
(617) 491-0810
Weekdays 9-9pm, Saturdays 9-8, Sundays 9-7.
Vibe: A little too-cool-for-school, but once they know you they’re sweeties.
What’s good: Great collection of fairly exclusive Nikes (always dropping the latest AF1), with a smaller (still high end) selection of adidas, NBs, and more. 
Smallest sizes/women’s collection: Not much to cheer about, but if you like Nike’s women’s collection, it’s there.  And they do try to get small sizes.
Reviewed by: Lori

Karmaloop (Flagship Store)
160 Newbury St., Boston, MA
Mon-Thurs 10-8, Fri-Sat 10-9, Sun 11-7 (the biggest streetwear store online!)
Vibe: Trendy, streetwear, small sneaker section with good picks and some you don’t expect, including Alifes, NBs, Reeboks and Pumas.
Smallest sizes/women’s collection: Much bigger online, but not bad in store either.
Reviewed by: Lori

Unite Footwear 
202 Main St., Northampton, MA
Mon-Sat 12-6, Sun 12-5
Vibe: Cool little spot that caters to skaters and hip-hoppers alike, nice knowledgeable staff.
What’s good: Nike SBs, Nikes, Pumas, Onitsuka Tigers, Rbks, adidas, and more.
Smallest sizes/women’s collection: The whole in-store collection is somewhat limited, but women are well represented and they do try for small sizes.  There’s more online too.
Reviewed by: Lori


203 West 125th Street NY, NY
Vibe:  chill, foreign touch
What’s good:  Milkcrate, Atmos, Nike, Nike, Cake, Supra, Porter, Hello Kitty, Luxurie by LRG
Smallest size/women’s collection:  Luxurie brand, SMALL men’s sizes, nice foreign brand influence especially if you enjoy Japan
Reviewed by: Fee

Brooklyn Circus
258 Bergen St Brooklyn, NY
Daily 1-8pm
Vibe:  chill, artsy spot; nice mix of art, music, clothing; great in-store events
What’s good:  Rich Yung, Brooklyn Circus (house brand), Joya, Kim Jones for Umbro, Nike, adidas
Smallest size/women’s collection: small but consistent
Reviewed by: Fee

Dave’s Quality Meat
7 East 3rd Street NY, NY
Mon-Sat 11:30-7:30, Sun 11:30-6:30
Vibe:  intimate, chill, smart owner
What’s good:  Reebok, Gourmet, Nike, Vans, adidas – kicks
Smallest size/women’s collection:  good blend of brands and some SMALL men’s kicks and clothes
Reviewed by: Fee

Flight Club
120 Nassau St, NY, NY
Mon-Sat 12-7, Sun 12-6.
Vibe:  hypebeast wet dream, consignment
What’s good:  just about any brand you can think of, Nike and Jordan Brand heavy, Flight Club (house brand)-clothing
Smallest size/women’s collection:  it’s a consignment only shop, so whatever is in stock
Reviewed by: Fee

Goliath RF
175 E 105th Street, NY, NY
Vibe:  chill, FEMALE friendly, unique look
What’s good:  GoliathRF (house brand), Nike, 10Deep, Crooks & Castles, Hellz Bellz
Smallest size/women’s collection:  YES! Clothes & kicks for the ladies.
Reviewed by: Fee

Reed Space
151 Orchard St NY, NY
Vibe:  boutique, but chill; mix of art, music, clothing, and kicks
What’s good: Staple (house brand), Crooks & Castles, 10Deep, TBG, Hellz Bellz, Mama, Married to the Mob, Parra, Situation Normal, graniph, in4mation, etc.
Smallest size/women’s collection:  YES!  Some of your favorite women’s labels: Clothing:  Hellz Bellz, Married to the Mob, Staple, Mama, Tens; Kicks: Select tier 1 and 0 Nike, New Balance, Gravis, and more.
Reviewed by: Fee

Secret Society
47-09 91 Place Elmhurst, NY
Vibe:  boutique but friendly
What’s good:  Nike, Nike SB, Secret Society Private Label, 3Sixteen, Rogue Status, Reasons Brand, Mishka, Leroy Jenkins, PFK, Garbege, Cake, TITS, Triko, Triumvir, Brinka, Select Goods, Kilo Goods, Rocksmith, Metemano, No
Smallest size/women’s collection:  some SMALL sizes in clothing and kicks
Reviewed by: Fee

Sneaker Bistro
580 Rt 112 Suite 17 Patchogue, NY
Mon-Thurs 12-8, Fri-Sat 12-9, Sun 12-6
Vibe:  knowledgeable staff, chill, boutique look but mom and pop feel
What’s good:  Nike, DC Shoes, Reme, SSUR, Reebok
Smallest size/women’s collection:  Ask and ye shall receive.  Some SMALL sizes, but a nice mix of style sets the Bistro apart.
Reviewed by: Fee

Sugar Headquarters
174 Rivington St, NY, NY
Vibe:  hidden gem spot, artsy feel, impressive brand mix
What’s good:  BBP, Twelve Bar, Peralta Project, Mishka, Mighty Healthy, Cash Only
Smallest size/women’s collection:  GREAT!  The sisters’ look out for the LADIES in all they do.
Reviewed by: Fee

2498 Frederick Douglass Blvd NY, NY
Vibe:  chill, knowledgeable staff, nice location
What’s good:  Famous Stars and Straps, Peralta Project, Bonafide Icon, Nike, Diamond, TBG
Smallest size/women’s collection:  Some SMALL tees & a nice LADIES selection of kicks and clothing.
Reviewed by: Fee

World NYC
187 Chrystie St. NY, NY
Vibe:  knowledgeable staff, chill space, not your average downtown spot
What’s good:  TBG, The Peralta Project, Penfield, AD4, Orisue, The Lovewright Company, Commune, Not 4 Everyone (N4E1), LOLA, WORLD (house brand), One People Project, Double Goose, DQK- clothing; Nike, Jordan Brand- kicks
Smallest size/women’s selection:  No women directed brands, but they do have a nice selection of SMALL sized tees.  Some larger feet (7US men+) may find a pair or two of kicks.
Reviewed by: Fee


Sneaker Rehab
7 Banta Pl Hackensack, NJ
Vibe:  lounge, chill, knowledgeable & friendly staff/ownership
What’s good:  Nike, Reebok, Puma, Treinity, Bobby Fresh, Married to the Mob, Hellz Bellz
Smallest size/women’s collection:  They got it for CHEAP!  The same brands you pay crazy for are here at non-violation prices.
Reviewed by: Fee

Sneaker Room
203 Brunswick St Jersey City, NJ
Vibe:  chill, true ‘head spot, vintage hunters rejoice, cool owner
What’s good:  Nike, Troop, Reebok, Nike SB, Asics, Rebel Aire, plenty of vintage, plus if you want something, they will hunt for it online and worldwide
Smallest size/women’s collection:  DOPE! Vintage madness, even small size Ewings!
Reviewed by: Fee

Many thanks to adidas for all the free WNBA tix!

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