Milkshake x Fetti x FSF: "How Do You Shake?" Contest

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How Do You Shake?

To celebrate their collaboration with customs artist (and FSF rep) Fetti D'biasi, Milkshake Kicks is offering FSF readers a special contest: Create a design on a shoebox that represents "how you shake", and you could win a free pair of Fetti Betty's (out nationwide in July) and an FSF t-shirt! Your design might even turn into an official Milkshake Kicks sneaker box!

The Original Hand Painted "Fetti Betty's", now an official Milkshake Kick.

So How Do I Win?

Take a regular ol' sneaker box, and freak it so it represents YOU. Here are some examples:

Artist d-nyce customized boxes above and below.

Some other fun examples off the web:

"Shoebox Valentine"

"Speaker Box" by Karlos Carcamo

Send in a photo of your design to by July 15th!

Good luck!

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