Preposterously Pink Sneaker Timeline!

Help FSF create the world's first Preposterously Pink Sneaker Time Line! We know sneaker companies love nothing more than putting out pink kicks for us females, so we want to document as many as possible through the years! They can be drowning in pink (see below) or just showing a hint of it here and there (the way companies love to remind us the kicks are for us).

Please send us your own PICS OF PINK! They can be photos of your own kicks (action shots are great too) or promos like these that you can find online. Send them as high resolution as you can, preferably at least 600 pixels wide. Also tell us as much about them as you know! For example: "The Jeremy Scott 'Pink Teddy Bear Sneaker' came out in 2010 as part of adidas' Originals by Originals series" or "I got these at TJ Maxx on sale for $40 in 2008".

I'm not big on pink sneakers, as many of you know, but I do proudly own the Claw Blazers (top left), and I wish I had a pair of the "Think Pink" Hyperize that Nike put out to support breast cancer awareness (lower left). Whatever your love or hate of pink is, send us your PICS OF PINK and help create the Preposterous Pink Sneaker Timeline!

Send pics to along with your name, contact info, and all the info you have on the kicks!

We have picked our January winners, but we are still building our timeline, so if you can help, please do!!


We're also teaming up with the new Sneaker Freaker Museum of over 7000 sneaker images to get more Piggy-licious Pics of Pink kicks!

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