adidas x FSF: "We Got Sisterhood" Contest

The NBA All Star game is here, and the adidas Brotherhood will be in full effect!

As both a basketball player and coach, I know the importance of teamwork, and I like that the adidas Brotherhood and It Takes 5 campaigns really emphasize that. It goes way beyond the court too. It's about working together and working for common goals across differences.

At FSF, we know that Sisterhood is what makes us strong. It's our sisters or cousins, our best friends (BFFs?), our crew, the girls that have our backs through thick and thin. We got sisterhood. It's the girls we ball with, talk and text with, hunt sneakers with, walk down the block with. It's the ones who know our secrets, our weaknesses and hidden strengths, our crushes and our Holy Grails.

So who's in YOUR SISTERHOOD? Tell us what makes your sisterhood special, and you could win up to 5 adidas All Star Track Jackets! (East or West)

Here's how to WIN:

Email us a picture of your sisterhood, along with a paragraph or two about who you are, why you're important to each other and what you do together by FEBRUARY 21st. [] Winners will be selected by FSF and adidas staff and will win 2-5 jackets depending on the size of your sisterhood! Let us know if you'd like East or West please.

Here's my example:

This is me and my real sister, but also my best friend in the world. Her name is Heather, and we're twins, as maybe you can tell. =) We love hanging out together so much we even live together! It sounds corny, but we're always there for each other. She comes to all my basketball games (even though my team has only won twice all season!), she listens to all my problems, she even came to Kenya to see me when I lived there. She's not a sneakerhead, but I couldn't do FSF without all her support, encouragement and ideas!

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