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FSF turned the tables on club events and went uptown for a "Q" in Morningside Park, NYC. We brought together over 80 friends from as far away as London, Miami and San Fran, and as close as down the block! Being outside, we got to welcome our younger members (and some real lil fiends!), chill to the tunes of DJ ILL P, eat a whole lot of food, have heads from the forums meet each other, get the dust off our double dutch, take on the boys in basketball and show off our grillin' skills. If that wasn't enough, it was also an excuse to gather some serious heat for another FSF photoshoot by Amanda Lopez. Some of those photos have already made it onto the pages of Sneaker Freaker and, into a show at B-Girl Be, but the rest will be saved for GIRLS GOT KICKS, the first ever FSF book!

Many thanks to Amanda, and the whole BBQ crew--Fee and Mike, Flower, Jae, Erica, Amonee,N.E.R.D, Karina and Mel!


double dutch

The double-dutch was as fierce as the kicks!

Erica's friend hooked us up with an FSF cake!

Yes, her name IS Jordan

ILL P chillin' with Karina and Flower. Thanks for making the best of a bad sound-situation!

JenJen from Miami (left) with a NYC friend

The card game was serious

Sean "Papr Chaser" Williams from OSD

Lori showing some D in old school Filas

N.E.R.D, the FSF Forums Admin, and Mike, who always comes through for FSF!

We looked out for our youngest guests too

Erica showing her skills

Courtney from Milkshake Kicks. You shoulda seen her bike!

Flower and cousins

Show Ideez and Jovi

Amanda was everywhere

Erica made the sweet FSF aprons

Jae holding it down on one of the grills

No way to treat your dunks!

For more pics, check out Fee's photostream on Picaso.



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