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Sometimes it’s good to have a little challenge. How about a party, on four days notice, at four in the afternoon, and on a Thursday! Who would do that?! Who would come? Well, this is exactly what happened when the Chronicle (an abc news show based in Boston) gave us the challenge. They were taking a peek into sneaker culture, and they had never heard of a sneaker party. Never mind that folks in the kicks underworld go to sneaker parties like we take showers, but it’s all good. When TV wants to pay us a visit, we try to help out. You never know how many female sneaker fiends might be moping at home, watching the tube, not even knowing about us or the whole wide world of sneakerhead subculture! So that’s how this lil shindig got started.

Yikes. First I had to get the perfect venue—classy, not too big, not too small, easy to get to. The boys at bodega were super gracious, and offered to host in a heartbeat. Then came getting the right DJ. Nomadik wasn’t easy to track down, but once she heard, she was all over a chance to spin and show love for the female sneakerheads. Nice! Now I knew things were gonna work out. Throw in the nasty street team of Char, Kiara and Kara doing outreach, and we were home free. Thursday came, the beats flowed, and a whole variety of Beantown folks came to meet, chill, shop and get on TV. (And Loca came all the way here to rep Holyoke!)

As usual, I couldn't have done it alone,and I had a great time doing with great people. Thanks!


rob and kenny:"we're sneaker allies!"

loca reppin' for FSF


DJ Nomadik spinning from the old school

readin' and writin'

oliver of bodega

kar and char (check the NB customs)

darin hager who designed my shirt (and who was also featured on the show)

zephyr, reppin' CRLS!

Savvy and Maria

nice kicks!

weekly drop in the house! (they were featured on the show too...)

bodega kicks!



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