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South Florida is the home of FSF's first self-started chapter, and they repped to the fullest with their first all-out party. Timed to coincide with my visit from Boston, this bash had it all--a crowd of over 200, fly kicks on ALL the ladies' feet (don't sleep on Miami!), a sneaker battle hosted by Lala, sneaker exhibits, female DJs, graf artists, and singers... not to mention all the advantages of an inside-outside gig in wonderful weather... Many thanks to the FSF Florida chapter and to Charissa at Hi-Top Studio for pulling it all together!

PS14 was cooooool. Still wish I could play pool...

Charissa reppin' FSF in true DIY flavor

This was the beautiful crew that greeted me when I drove over from the Final Four in Tampa

Now that's a FSF table! Shari, Lala and Marta holding it down...

Putting the F in FSF-F (go Kate!)

Melodik tore it up in her Reeboks

I think these Flights are even my size; c'mon Lindz!

Jen Jen, Queen and Kathy

How many NYC parties have all the girls in high heels? I'm telling you, Miami did not play that. (Jilly's kicks.)

Even the babies were repping FSF! (Heidan and her baby Aiko)

I forgot to get a good crowd pic...but Dro from 305 got one:

Jen Jen , Lori, China and Chef, posing before things got hectic!

Jen, aka nikesneakers300 (up from 200!) had her own display. (Her favorite, above, her table, below.)

How does Jovon show up everywhere?

MIA-O Footwerks made some light up nikes!

DJ Laura D kept folks chillin' outside

Maite and her demon frog!

Lala made folks sweat at the sneaker battle. Don't go up there with a Jordan X unless you can tell her all the accomplishments celebrated on the sole!

The boys' kicks weren't shabby either.

Boyfriend, Jen Jen and Lindz

MIss.Red painting live...

Yes, they still light up. (Love the silver pants, too.)


Alex, also co-owner of Hi-Top Studio, helped with the Sneaker Battle and showed some Miami style

Kate, Lindsey and me in my new ProMamas! Folks were sweating them...

MauiKai closed it out with feeling

The Denny's After Party...of course. (Jorge, Yarelis and Chef)


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