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Well, nyc repped to the FULLEST. It was a HUGE party...line around blocks...1000 peeps on the guest list alone...hour-plus waits...crowds everywhere... and ALL sneakerheads! It was SWEET. There were lots of "industry" folks there, famous musicians and artists, not to mention posers, hangers-on, collectors, "beautiful people", and fiends of every variety. Now that's a party.

The other thing big for me about the party was that Pete from Sneaker Pimps asked to have an exhibit there. Very cool. Of course we had our own smaller version of "500 sneakers not arriving" (Pete's Boston fiasco), since 2 of our nyc fiends didn't make it with their collections. But we pulled a little sumthin-sumthin together, and repped for the ladies. Much thanks to d-nyce and jen hurtado for bringing kicks and art (and helping so much!) and kgiovanna, who was the custom queen of the night!

With no further ado, let me bring you there: Sneaker Pimps nyc, 10-06-05--it tells its own story!

Public Enemy was in the house!

Dave White.

Future painted this live.

And the women held it down, too! Toofly painted live (below), MOB held it down and FSF went all out:

kgiovanna painting live for FSF

d-nyce worked the crowd and showed off her creativity with an FSF light box and rope art.

Jen brought the heat displayed over our site...

And female sneaker fiends rolled through...

And here's me and Pete, the Official Sneaker Pimp.

Sneaker Pimps Boston 05, Sneaker Pimps Hartford 06 , Sneaker Pimps NYC 06

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