In Our Words

Kerry from Proletariat ( runs a tight little vintage clothing spot in Harvard Square. But he's also an old graf head, and his collection of spray paints and sneaker paints brings artists from near and far. If that's not enough, he decided he knew enough vicious artists in the Bean (Boston, for those of you who don't know the nickname) to have our own lil custom sneaker show. And so Snek Atak was born in 2006. It was small but packed, so Snek Atak 07 was bigger and better. But first things first....2006:

How about those Nikes??

Snek Atak 07 was a battle! 24 artists went head to head, and the Weekly Drop guys and I judged. It wasn't easy. Here are a few pics...

Yup, that's an ipod zipped into the tongue. And real grass! It didn't all add up, but it was fly as hell.

This one lost some points cuz it wasn't wearable, but it was still a winner. Brilliant.

Problak took his All Day I Dream About Sex theme all the way out! adidas condoms, a vibrator in the tongue, sneakers sitting on a mini waterbed, girlie pics on the insole and more! Wish you were there? Winner.

Yup, that's Mr. Dassler looking at some old school adidas cleats...

Problak, posin' with the good old vibe'...

Good Life had quite a crowd for the show...

These odes to spray painting were done by Kerry himself.

Enamel Kingdom had a super clean logo.

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