Welcome to the FEMALESNEAKERFIEND forums! 

The ONLY sneaker forums dominated by FEMALE sneakerheads.

The LARGEST online marketplace for sneakerheads with small feet.  (And not shabby for those of us with bigger feet either!)

General Rules
By joining our forums you are agreeing to follow all of the forum rules. Members who do not follow rules can and will be banned.  This makes it a better experience for all of us.

RESPECT: All users must be treated with respect. We can disagree about everything from Jordans to hypebeasts to birth control, but all posts must be respectful.  No put downs based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation,  class, religion, sneaker taste, collection size, ability to spell, maturity level….etc., etc.  Get it? No putting down other members. 

YOUR POINT? Please do not post useless, pointless or 1 word posts to boost your post total.  We’d love to hear your thoughts or see your pics…that’s how we build a vibrant community.

Marketplace Rules
Our goal is to create as safe a buying and selling experience as possible.  That said, use of the marketplace is at your own risk. FSF assumes NO responsibility for sales gone bad.

TO BUY/SELL: Members can buy and sell on the marketplace after 3 months of being on the forums, IF they have at least 40 posts and have followed all forum rules (above). If you meet these guidelines, you can apply for buying/selling privileges by clicking on the "usergroups" button at the top right of the forums, and then applying to be in the "buyerseller" usergroup. Admittance will be done case by case; all member information will be looked at. Making 1 word posts to build up post coats will not count towards the needed 40 posts.

FEEDBACK SYSTEM: Please respect our feedback system.  This is a great way for buyers and sellers to know that you are a good person to do business with, but it will only work if we commit to using it correctly: feedback can only be given immediately after a sale is completed on these forums.  Members who try to get around this by adding positive feedback for a friend or negative feedback for an enemy will be banned based on the slightest evidence.  Respect our feedback system and it will work for you.

ITEM DESCRIPTIONS/PHOTOS : All sales posts must include at least 2 quality photos (not low-res camera phone shots) that fully show the condition of the item(s) for sale, must list ALL relevant information (including any blemishes, payment methods accepted, etc.), and must include a paper tag with your FSF username on it next to the item displayed.  Any other photos (such as those with items used as tags) will be considered violations of marketplace rules and can lead to banishment.

POST LIMITS: Do not post your listings more than once. Only post the pertaining sizes in the appropriate marketplace forum, i.e. size 6Y should be posted in 5.5Y-7Y and Wmns5.5 should be posted in 3.5Y-5Y. As a member, you are allowed ONE listing per marketplace forum. Keep it updated! If everything is SOLD, please change the title to reflect that so the mods can take care of it. If it is inactive for a month, it will be deleted.

YOUR STUFF; YOUR RESPONSIBILITY : You may ONLY sell your own items on the forums.  Please do not sell for a friend, cousin, baby-daddy, previously banned member, etc.  YOU will be held responsible and possibly banned. You are completely responsible for the goods you sell. If you have any doubt whether something’s legit, don’t sell it here.

NO POSTING ADS: You may not post ads for your online store or any other commercial endeavor. This is a marketplace for individuals to sell and trade with others.  If you’d like to advertise your store’s merchandise, please contact a moderator for advertising rates.

BANNING: Members who violate rules will be banned from the marketplace for a period ranging from one month to forever.  We’re trying to make this a successful buying and selling experience for everyone, so we have to take our rules seriously. 


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