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KimD is making her name on youtube, and it's not by accident. This upcoming rapper shows her skills and her passion for kicks, and FSF gets behind the scenes to see where it all started...

KimD on Jordans 1-23

How long have you been rhyming?
I always played around with music, singing mostly, but I would say I have been serious about rapping for a few months now. I have always been talented, I just never really showed it unless I was playing around with friends. I decided to stop playing and get serious!

What inspired your latest shoe rhymes?
Wanted something that would put my name out, get the internet buzzing, show my versatility and talents as far as music goes. Of course I wanted to express my love for sneakers. I am basically trying to create opportunities for myself, and this is a great start. The world is changing: It’s no longer who you know, it’s who knows you.

Describe your collection and the life of a pair of your sneakers.
If they Nike Air Jordans 1-23, Penny’s, Barkleys, Air Max 95, 97, 90s, dunks (especially sb), Air Force Ones…they are automatic! The more exclusive they are the more I want them. The life of a pair of my sneakers is pretty simple. They either don’t ever touch the ground or if they do, only a few times. I don’t ever clean my shoes because I hardly ever wear them. If they a hot exclusive pair of kicks and I didn’t cop two pair of them, they probably will not get worn until I get another pair.  I think my sneakers are happy with… They say I am a great owner and I really, really appreciate and love them to death. I don’t let anyone else use or hold them, and if you get them dirty……..IT’S CHAOS!!

What do you think got you into sneakers?
My love for sneakers was inspired by an old friend of mine. We were best friends, and she always kept the newest and freshest kicks. When I’d see her in a new pair of kicks it seemed that she had so much swag, and the shoes made her so fly. I HAD TO HAVE THAT SAME FLYNESS AND SWAG!!!  At first I thought I just liked kicks, but when I started to spend 5 and 6 hundred dollars on pairs or even cop 2 or 3 pairs of a hot or limited shoe, I knew that I had a problem.

KimD "doing what she gotta do"

How did where you grew up impact your sneaker style?
I would say growing up where I grew up [Tallahassee] made me want to have sneakers more! The culture that I grew up around, your shoes represented you. If your sneaks were fly you were fly and if they were dirty...well, you know.

What do family and friends think about you being a sneaker fiend?
My dad loves shoes, so he understands, and that is probably where I get the love for sneakers from. My family is very supportive, especially since my rapping about them is getting popular. They have never said anything negative about my sneakers; as long as I’m happy, they’re happy.

Do you think it’s different being a female sneaker fiend?
I definitely think it’s different being a female sneaker fiend. I think guys don’t seem to have the respect for females who collect sneakers compared to other males. Guys don’t think we eat, sleep, and, breathe sneakers like they do, but some of us love them just as much as they do some even more.

How do you recognize a female sneaker fiend?
If you are around them enough you will see some of their sneaker collection. I mean most girls only have a few pair of sneakers. When you see a female who can go at least three weeks without wearing the same pair of sneakers, she is in the game. Female sneaker fiends usually have a certain swag about them also, [which is] easier to see by other female sneaker fiends.

Do you have a favorite pair of all time?
I love the De La Souls, AJ 11s, OG Barkleys, and many more. It’s so hard for me to pick just one pair!


KimD "Air Jordan 6 Rings"

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