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Reecee, aka Reecee Cup, aka Aisha Hollans, is a lifelong baller, hardcore sneakerhead and up-and-coming hip hop artist. Many of us aspire to these things, but Reecee's already gone pro...

by Lori Lobenstine

Present Tense: Hoops and Kicks Worldwide...

What’s it like playing pro ball in Europe?
It’s cool, I get to travel around, meet new people, be exposed to other cultures, see things that most people will never see in their lifetimes. The most challenging is just being away from family and friends, missing the familiarity of things, places and people. When you’re away you start to really appreciate the smallest things, which makes you cherish and love the people around you even more.

You’ve played ball in Turkey, Germany, Portugal and Sweden. Can you compare your experiences in terms of living in those countries, AND compare them in terms of the sneaker scene?
Well Sweden was the most Westernized out of all the countries I have been to, Portugal was the prettiest, Turkey was just a huge culture shock, and Germany has been a historical journey. The sneaker game in each country was different. The biggest sneaker scene I have noticed while overseas was in Portugal. I would go to this dope little shop that would have cool kicks. The shoes I copped were from their local brands.  I got some dope kicks from a brand out there called Jack Johnson—they were sick!

What suggestions do you have for other girls who want to play pro ball?
It’s going to sound cliché, but it’s true.  Practice hard, have fun and let no one deter your dreams--no one. You can do anything you want to do. Also have a back up plan, another hobby or talent that you take interest in, go to class and take advantage of it whole heartedly, and get your degree. That piece of paper (diploma) is something that no one can take from you. Lastly when you do something, do it with all your heart and use every opportunity wisely.

How does your love for basketball influence your love for sneakers? 
Immensely! When playing ball from elementary all the way to college I always wore Jordans. I would wear nothing else, all JAYS. In fact one of my determining factors about which college I would attend while I was being recruited was which college would allow me to play in Jordans. Not the team shoe that the coaches picked out but only Jordans. So when I attended USC, I was the only person on the team who wore Jordans, SC is a Nike school. Even when I wasn’t playing ball I always rocked Jays; it was my signature shoe. Being a baller, I felt that was the only shoe to rock.

You’re also a hip hop artist and songwriter. Does this influence your sneaker game too?
Definitely this influences my sneaker game. Sneakers and hip hop go hand and hand. It’s crazy how over night both cultures just melted into one another. Being a straight Jordan lover, I felt due to my artistry I need a shoe and style that would represent me. I loved Jays but they only represent my athletic side. I needed a shoe that was going to show people that I wasn’t all about hoop. So I started rocking the SBs, Blazers, 90s Forces. I copped any shoe I felt connected with my style as an artist. This made my collection bigger and way more diverse.

Describe your sneaker collection.
Jordans,  90’s, low dunks, SBs. My favorite pair of SBs are the P Rocks; I can wear them every day they are so fly (the Gucci edition). I’m really into 90’s now; I love the way my jeans fall on them and gotta give props to the low dunks…love em. Oh yeah, for comfort and longevity I’m loving the Air Max Currents. Over in Germany I brought with me a pair of Air Structures, Court lows and my Air Max Currents.

What do your sneakers say about you? 
“Yes they haven’t came out yet, and yes I’m rocking ‘em.” LOL.

Growing Up: Shooting J's in Jays

When did you start loving sneakers? Can you remember the first pair you were crazy about?
First started loving sneakers when I would see all the older kids rocking all the new Nikes. It was just something about the Nike logo for me that just certified you. I remember my dad made me run track; I hated track. But I remember he bought a pair of all white Nike running cleats. Man when I put those things on I felt like the S&^% (pardon my French). Those cleats looked so good on me. My track career wasn’t long lived.  I later fell in love with hoop. My first pair of hoop shoes were Air Jordan VIIIs.  I loved them….Pretty soon everybody expected me to always have the newest Jays, and I did. Back then we didn’t have all the other dope drops. Jordans were the big thing.  I still have both pairs: the cleats and the Jays.

You played your high school and college ball in Cali. What’s the girls’ basketball scene like out there?
Yes I played basketball at Berkeley High in Northern Cali, and I played college ball at USC for 3 years, then transferred over to Cal State Long beach for 1 year. The girls hoop scene in Nor Cal when I was coming up was vicious, super competitive, supported and loved by many. When I got to So Cal in Los Angeles, the following wasn’t as huge but it was still there. My dad taught me everything I know about basketball; he was the best coach I have ever had in my life.

What do family and friends think about you being a sneaker fiend?
They don’t mind it.  My moms kinda dug how I was always rocking the new Jays.  She loves to tell the USC story, how I was the only one on the team rocking Jays.

How did where you grew up impact your sneaker style?
Being from the Bay, we love loud and flashy colors… we love to be different. So once my Jordan fetish subsided, I was all about bright, bold and loud. TOWN BUSINESS.

How do you recognize a female sneaker fiend? 
If she has on the same shoes as me.

P.S. When I'm not in Europe, I also work with the Nike Sportswear West in Hollywood, Ca. Go by this store; it's dope as hell, got all the newest and latest Nike Sportswear apparel and shoes. We also have a Nike ID studio available to the public, where you can ID your own shoe... And I have to give a shout out to the great staff there: Bryce, Dana, Laune, Jeff and Ashlyn! Tell 'em ReeCee sent you!

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