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Michelle's Chic Sneaks

By Janine Simon

For the past few months every magazine, website, blog and twitter account that has remotely anything to do with fashion has been obsessed with the U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama’s style. Preceding the inaugural festivities, fashion reporters, writers, photographers and even journalistic interns put forth their predictions of Mrs. Obama’s choice of dress. While that historical day has come and gone, the general public’s fascination with the first lady’s style is here to stay.

We at Female Sneaker Fiend are no different. Our mission is to create communities of self-expression for women through the art of sneaker collecting.  Mrs. Obama is by far our generation’s best representation of this mission…if only she had the kicks! With that in mind, we’ve asked expert female sneaker fiends (including artist and designer Claw Money, Mama of Mama Clothing, Samia Grand-Pierre from, Lori Lobenstine, Precious Colon and myself from FSF) to weigh in with their thoughts on what kicks Mrs. Obama should be wearing.

Among many things, the first lady presents herself as a practical American woman. There are certain things every practical American woman must have, one of those things being a fleet of fresh kicks. Well, not necessarily an entire closet worth but a few pairs to get you through each hectic week.  Here are a few sneakers the first lady is sure to need while running her “Mom-in-Chief” errands.


The first lady reportedly works out three times a week for 90 minutes. Her well-toned arms are all the talk… 

Female Sneaker Fiend founder Lori Lobenstine:  Reebok Smooth Fit All Out, silver. This way Michelle can turn heads and work out in comfort. The hexride and smooth fit technology should work well for a variety of workouts.

FSF forums administrator Precious Colon believes some Nike Shox will do the trick.

Samia Grand-Pierre of Highsnobette says Obama’s best bet is a Mizuno Wave Musha in green. "Mizuno has a great reputation among runners. Michelle having the love of the finer things would choose this bright, sleek kind of funky running sneaker for her workout.”

Or maybe Obama would opt for the Nike Zoom Sister One+ trainers when she hits the gym. The Sister One + sneaker’s flexibility is perfect for indoor gym workouts.


Even during the strenuous presidential campaign Barack and Michelle had scheduled “date nights”. On these occasions if Mrs. Obama chooses a more comfortable and casual look, maybe some of these choices would suit her.

Lobenstine: Puma Sergio Rossi Clydes—without the heels! These shoes are simple and very good looking.

Mama: The Sergio x Puma purple satin Mary Jane sneaker heel. Because Obama is fashion forward in a classic yet modern way, just like the shoe.

Claw Money: Michelle would probably wear a pair of "Keep" sneakers -the "Dorian" while strolling with Barack. They are environmentally friendly, clean and classic, totally her style. I love the old school gum sole, which makes it a bit jazzy.

Grand-Pierre: Adidas Y-3 Tokoko. For a date I could see Michelle rocking these sleek patent leather creations, they look sexy but still comfortable like her beloved ballerina flats.

Colon: Nike sprint sisters

Or, if Mrs. Obama chooses a more comfortable and casual look, a pair of Coach Audrina sneakers will give her a classic look.


Sasha and Malia, the first daughters, are their mother’s first priority. Here are some kicks suitable for family fun time with the girls.

Lobenstine: NYLON Nikes—stylish, fun, comfortable, great Spring colors.

Grand-Pierre: Nike Air Rift MTR, No shoelaces still modern, would be her choice for running around with girls and the dog. And it can be worn stylishly with a dress or jeans.

And the Puma Speed Cats are aerodynamic and agile enough to ensure Mrs. Obama endurance.


The Obama’spromised Malia and Sasha a dog if their dad won the election. They're leaning towards a Portuguese Water Dog (pictured), since it wouldn't bother Malia's allergies. Mrs. Obama will need a rugged pair of sneakers for walking the dog in all seasons.

Lobenstine: Vintage Jordan IVs, white, varsity red, black. Tipping her hat to Chitown!

Colon: Puma first rounds.

Grand-Pierre: Freestyle Hi’s. I’m sure she rocked these back in the day and would probably do so again when she has a rare moment to herself walking the dog, with leggings and a sweatshirt or a cool tracksuit.

Lastly, the Nike Vomero with its full length mid-sole cloud cushioning will do just fine.


And lastly for good measure, here is what we would love to see the first little ladies Malia (left) and Sasha (right) in.

For Malia:

Lobenstine: The “Think Pink” Nike Hyperdunks. Malia gets her own special small size so she can look great, represent an important cause (breast cancer research), and beat up on the guys on the court! Rumor has it she has her dad’s jumpshot, so look out.

Grand Pierre: Onitsuka Tiger Tokidoki character sneakers. Malia appears outgoing, fun and not afraid to stand out. I could see her in the tokidoki kicks that are fun and stylish but still playful.

For Sasha:

Lobenstine: The Adidas Vulkids 2—this casual comfortable sneaker will work with Sasha’s outfits and her kickball skills.

Grand Pierre: Nike Blazer Hi, Liberty blue. Sasha seems like a bit of a tomboy with a girly side. The Liberty is cute but still allows you to look relevant if you want to go shoot some hoops.


These aforementioned sneaker choices are sure to complement the handsome presidential family, while supporting their practical everyday duties. God bless America. And God bless the International States of Sneaker Fiends!

Many thanks to our contributors for this article: Samia Grand-Pierre, Gabriella aka Mama, Claw Money, Lori and Precious.

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