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If You Got Beef, Claw's Got Mustard

When I worked with a girls’ leadership group at Girls Inc's Holyoke Teen Center, I met two best friends, Zoraida and Muneca. When I asked how they’d met, they laughed. Turns out they only became friends after they got into an all out fist-flying, hair pulling beat down. They’d always thought the other one was stuck up, even though they'd never talked.

Now that hatin’ is a national pastime, the only thing strange about this story is that the former sworn enemies ended up friends.  All too often girls are pitted against each other, or simply see each other as competition rather than as a possible friend. Oh, people say she’s cute? She must be a snob.  She’s making moves? Must be a phony. Making money?  What a bitch.

Now as much as I know all this, I’ve been really impressed with how the FSF forums have kept a positive vibe.  (Some haters even go on there and hate on it for not having enough hate!) Girls talk about everything on there, and they have each other’s backs, too.   So when I got a chance to interview Claw, I thought I’d have some fun and throw her some of the questions that folks on the forums were talking about, so readers could get a sense of Claw as a regular person. 

So, girls, here are your questions (some with the original links attached if you want to read other answers), and here are Claw’s answers:

How did your SWEETIE ask you out?

Best way to get rid of hickeys?

Do you have a secret talent?  Share it with us.

Advice on getting a guy to leave you alone.

What’s been bothering you lately?

Hmmm, what you think about lesbians? and "gay" guys ?

What Kickz get the m0st attention fr0m your cl0set?

Who do Female Sneaker Fiends find sexy?

How do u shop for sneakers?

What is the sneaker that’s responsible for your addiction?

Do you think your love for SNEAKERS will ever FADE??


H0w d0 you deal with Racism? Ever had a racial experience?

What are you listening to right now?


If your house was on fire.....(what would you save?)

What cell phone do you have?

What has been the worse thing that has happened to your shoe??


Well, that does take us back to the haters, doesn’t it?  Get this, after I sent her these questions, Claw went on the forums herself and saw some girls who didn’t know her from Eve, talkin’ shit about her and her new Vandals.  Damn! That sort of complicated my vision of our feel-good forums, not to mention the interview!   And as you can see, Claw’s not afraid to do some hatin’ back. If you got beef, she’s got mustard. But if you want to be friends, she’s cool as hell, and she’s got your back. She’s just the sort of badass that Zoraida and Muneca would love. 

And for more word on how girls deal with haters, check out the thread "why haters??????????"

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