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Alright all you ladies who say you're sneaker fiends, where were you? Sole Collector and Niketown Boston teamed up for a big sneakerhead competition, and who was there? Nachu. OKay, Boston wasn't in the house in general, which was crazy! There were more heads there from the midwest than from Beantown, seriously. And get a load of what the women who attended were wearing:

Notice anything wrong with this picture?!

Okay, but let's get to the good parts...I'll take it from the top. Here are the fiends who sat outside almost 36 hours to be first in line.

What were they waiting for, you ask? Well, Nike was releasing 150 each of two colorways of the huaraches, designed and released just for the event. Nowhere else, never again. You know stuff like that makes heads insane. If you stood in line long enough, you might get one your size. (But only one. That's where the females came in--they were all girlfriends waiting in line so their boys could get an extra pair. Every fiend needs an ally, you know?) Plus there were rumors of 32 dunks being released, and it was all very hush hush. Here's Char at the pre-party, checking out one of the huaraches.

Well, the line kept growing. Since there weren't any female sneaker fiends to interview, I had time to chill with some great folks from Sole Collector--Anthony, Dee, Retrokid, Nicole, etc. They were real cool, (even when I was giving them shit about their models page.) Here's Angie and her boy Adrian, up from Queens, pumped to be chilling with Retrokid (in the middle).

And their feet...

Angie wasn't the only FSFer to come from afar. Here are Loca and Daze reppin' Holyoke.

Every Sole Collector event includes a chance to buy sneakers made exclusively for that event. After a while I fell prey to the vibe and stood in line for some engraved dunks...(I later gave them away for an FSF competition.)

The next highlight was the competition. 20 true collectors had won the right to compete. Their stuff was off the hook! Here are my favorite craziest customs.

Okay, you can see I'm a big fan of creative customizing. I also have to give it up to the team who won best display. They went all out with the theme...

Yup, it was the ladies! They were no joke, as you can see, and they won the right to compete at the national competition in Las Vegas. Very cool.

They also held a competition of the best sneaker worn to the event. About 100+ guys held up one of their sneakers. It was starting to smell!

Guess who won?? ANGIE! Another win for the ladies (and $100 for her)!

They also announced the overall event winners, who got a one-off made for them. When they unveiled it--sweet. And the winner gets to design it with Nike's finest. Only problem was, the winner was...twins!

Being a twin myself, I was excited for them, but worried about how they were going to divide the prize. Hope they have the same size feet!

Here are some of the other great displays and collections:

The night wrapped up with Retrokid and his friend bidding hard on some 2-offs made just for Lance and the auction's winner. They went for over $3000!

Retro didn't go quite that high, but maybe he was just saving his dough for the upcoming New York event!

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