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Nike Design Article Nike Design article

Something Old, Something New is an in-depth look at how Nike designs both footwear and apparel. Everything from "borrowing" technology from bridges (and colors from brooms!) to making designers work on footwear for sports they've never played, this article explores what it takes to stay cutting edge at the world's leading footwear design company.

Nike Women Designers Article Women Designers at Nike Article

In Goddess of Victory we take you behind
the scenes to see what it's like being a female
designer at Nike today. Find out who's wearing the
pink cleats, who watches Formula 1 and who
says "If you can't cook, get out of the kitchen!"


Getting to Nike Article Getting to Nike ARticle

So you think you want to design for Nike? Getting to Nike offers tips on how to get there, from 8 strong women who already made it! The good news is it really takes the same skills as being a sneaker fiend--staying hungry, focused and passionate!

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