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adena espnW

Putting the W in espnW
By Lori Lobenstine

Adena Andrews--baller, writer and sneakerhead--gives us the skinny on espn's first site dedicated to us females! (And wait til you hear her Dr. J story...)


Jordan's Sweetheart
By Lori Lobenstine

Vashtie Kola, aka Downtown's Sweetheart, gives FSF an exclusive interview about balancing the feminine and masculine as she becomes the first-ever female to get a Jordan collab!


Sole Sisters
By Yaritza Pena

So you think you can draw? Four up and coming female footwear designers tell what it's like taking on the boys in two weeks of design boot camp...

sonia sanchez

Not Without Her Sneakers
By Lori Lobenstine

Sonia Sanchez is quietly building, a leading Spanish sneaker blog, and shocking the boys while she's at it...

amy broadhead

From Here to Nfinity
By Lori Lobenstine

Amy Broadhead tells us why Nfinity's women-only basketball shoes are so damn comfortable!

kim dankoor leyp

Female Sneaker Addict
By Lori Lobenstine

Kim Dankoor hails from Holland and talks about the growing sneaker scene there and her work with the creative collective Leyp, host of the famous Sneaker Addict events.

fetti d'biasi

Fetti d'Betty Gets Her Shake On!
By Lori Lobenstine

Bronx native Fetti D'Biasi talks about teaming up with Milkshake Kicks to make the vibrant Fetti Betty's...and what it feels like to have a "custom" available at 300 stores nationwide!

Niranjela from Crooked Tongues

Girl With A Crooked Tongue
By Lori Lobenstine

Niranjela is bringing a female perspective to the fab sneaker site Crooked Tongues. Find out more about the London sneaker scene and life at CT...

Cim from NBa

No Boys Allowed in this NBA
by Lori Lobenstine

Only one person IN THE WORLD is running a sneaker boutique exclusively for the ladies...check out No Boys Allowed and owner Cim Froeling.


Mama Knows Best!
by Shanan Campanaro

From head to toe (caps to kicks), Mama speaks out about how sneakers influence her style and business.


The Claw, the Kicks, the Artist.
by Lori Lobenstine

Saving kicks from incineration, bombing nyc and collaborating with Nike: the life of New York graffiti legend and sneaker collector extraordinaire, Claw.

Thirsty for Kicks
by Lori Lobenstine

Co-founder Courtney Carreras talks about what inspires Milkshake Kicks.

Mafia from Sneaker Freaker

The Real Sneaker Mafia
by Lori Lobenstine

Not only the best known female sneaker fiend in Australia, Mafia is also behind an upsurge in women's content on Sneaker Freaker...

Dina from Karmaloop

Shopping on Someone Else's Dime
by Lori Lobenstine

From snooping out trends to buying her favorite kicks, Dina Selkoe is having fun as the Women's Buyer for Karmaloop.

Getting Into the Sneaker Industry--Early!
by Lori Lobenstine

Meet Cheresse and Christiana, two young women who started making moves in high school that landed them in sweet gigs at Nike and Lady Footlocker.

Randumb Miami: Reppin the Ladies
by Mickey Keenan

Relz and co-founder Chef are bringing their Miami-style streeet culture vision to the world, and holding true to their tagline: "Ladies Step Up, Fellas Keep Up!"


Too true, Toofly!
by Rachel Smith and Lori Lobenstine

Whether you're talking about the creator or the icon, Toofly's style is "classic, clean and true school."


Did YOU Catch It Yet?
by Shanan Campanaro

E the Custom Queen is the artist making PINKEYE customs and styles so contagious...

Pastry Kicks

Baked Goods for Your Feet
by Lori Lobenstine

Find out Angela and Vanessa's favorite desserts, and what's up next for their Pastry Kicks line.

Mae of Sneaker Pimps

The Woman Behind Sneaker Pimps
by Lori Lobenstine

Pete would be lost without longtime friend and behind-the-scenes wiz Mae Umali.

From the Crib to the Court
by Lori Lobenstine

From designing kids' toys to kids' kicks, Maria Interlandi brings a female perspective to footwear design at adidas.

Women are Running the Game!
by Rachel Smith

From a Presidential hopeful to sexy and powerful musicians and streetwear lines...sneakers are just one way we've got the world on lock.

Wanna be a Sneaker Designer?
by Lori Lobenstine

Some of these young women hadn't, until they took this FIT class. Hear their thoughts and check their skills...

Married to the Mob

Catching up with Married to the MOB.
by Lori Lobenstine

This Most Official B**** loves the kicks and hates the haters...


It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's an Artist...
by Janine Simon

Artists are the new Super-Heroes! What's that? You aren't convinced? Well, let us prove otherwise by introducing you to one helluva example: Va$htie Kola, aka Downtown's $weetheart.

Funky Pumas,Fruity adidas, Far Out Nikes
by Lori Lobenstine

Zoe Gilbertson, co-founder of Sneakart, can change your sneakers forever. Or for a day.

Plaids,plimsoles and passion.
by Lori Lobenstine

Check out some hot Pointer kicks and hear what it's like being a female sneaker designer.

Owning Your Own Sneaker Store
by Lori Lobenstine

Lots of sneakers, and lots of work! interview with Rosemary Frazier of Goliath RF.

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