In Our Words
Name: Andra Williams
Age: 34
Location: Jamaica, the Bronx and Florida

"Because I am 34 years young, many have said I should think about stopping buying kicks by now. In my rebuttal I say, “You should start thinking about minding your own business now!”..."
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Rocky Hehakaija
Name: Rocky Hehakaija
Age: 26
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

"One time I was walking down the streets and a group of guys were playing soccer, and they challenged me. ‘Hey you’re the girl who plays ball.  Show me, I don’t believe it.’  So I had to step to the plate..."
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loni schick
Name: Loni Schick
Age: 27
Location: Toronto, Canada

"I remember walking down the street in Vegas, and having sneakerheads hanging out of windows saying ‘Nice kicks girl!’   Those were traffic stoppers!"
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Jen Jen Villamia
Name: JenJen Villamia
Age: 21
Location: Miami, FL

"I started working at 14 in a Spanish dollar store and a Spanish pharmacy… being from Miami it’s only right! Every last check I made I spent it on shoes."
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Name: Laura Hemming
Age: 19
Location: Manchester, UK

She left home at 15 to become a professional aggressive inline skater, and now sneakers keep her going... read more

Name: Tee Fisher
Location: New York City

The empress of Trash Bag Aesthetics tells her life story through her kicks... read more

Name: ReeCee, aka Aisha Hollans
Age: a lady never tells...
Location: LA and Germany

Whether balling in Europe or songwriting in LA, ReeCee's gone pro from head to toe... More about basketball, hip hop and the West Coast sneaker game

Name: Leela Deretta
Age: 20
Location: Breda, The Netherlands

"[Sneakers] were too expensive, and according to my mother, they would make my feet smell..." More about life as a sneakerhead in the Netherlands

Name: Kim Smith, aka KimD
Age: 24
Location: Tallahassee, FL

If you've seen her on youtube, you know rapper "KimD" is no joke when it comes to spitting about her Jordans...or calling out the haters! hear more

Name: Byata
Age: 27
Location: Brooklyn and LA

Fresh from her 2nd place finish in the reality TV show "Miss Rap Supreme", Byata's got a supreme love for her kicks too.. . read more

Name: Rashawn Austin
Age: 34
Location: New York City, NY

"I’m exclusive!  Fuck the shoe!  Too much hype, too much money. I can’t relegate my life around exclusives." read more

Name: Sneaker Sandy!
Age: 28
Location: Helsingborg, Sweden

"One time a guy on a motorcycle was eyeballin' me so much instead of having his frickin eyeballs on the road that he got hit by a car!" read more

Name: Ella Esco
Age: ??
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Interviewed by Felicia aka "Fee" Eason read more

Name: Rami Nhlapo
Age: 27
Location: Soweto and Johannesburg, South Africa

"I swear the heavens opened up and my jaw dropped. It was like being dipped in chocolate, everywhere I looked I saw a pair I liked!" read more

Name: Emma Turner
Age: 25
Location: Melbourne, Australia

"The LA Gears (LA Lights) and Dance Reeboks came out, and I had to have both!"

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Name: Roc
Age: 20
Location: CT and Detroit

"There are waaayyy too many spots out here that sell fakes. You can cop a pair at a gas station! How whack is that?" read more

Name: Michelle
Age: 16
Location: Cali and Texas

"I love Vans. They DON'T! They hate on the Cali style..."

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Name: Shellz Caviness , Founder and Designer, Amarishaiant Decks
Age: 23
Location: San Fran and Maryland

Interviewed by Mellany Sanchez

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Name: Fumi, aka Fumillmatic
Age: 25
Location: Tokyo, Japan

"I would say a sneaker is not just a shoe, so I want to know the history of each one." read more

Name: Ashley, aka hazii, aka henase
Age: 23
Location: Irving, Texas

"The one and only role model I have/had (my mother) was not a sneaker head." read more


Name: Sarah Lumley, aka Pink
Age: 30
Location: Cambridge, England

"I'd rather have fewer kicks in my collection that are loved, rocked and cherished than a stream of shoes I can take or leave." read more

Name: Maria Limberes, aka Mafia
Age: 32
Location: Melbourne, Australia

DJ Mafia talks about her passion for kicks, being a DJ, and her earlier life dream of being a stripper.

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Name: Snkrgoddess
Age: 34
Location: Miami, FL

"I do know there is no rule or law that says only fellas can be sneaker fiends."

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Name: April Chelsea Johnson
Age: 20
Location: Port Arthur, Texas

"I know what I I don't pay attention to anything else and I don't get sidetracked by salespeople"

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Name: Claudia Torres
Age: 18
Location: Queens, NYC

"I went to every possible store that would still have them, and I went on ebay every single night..."

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Name: Katrina Huynh, aka i got sole
Age: 18
Location: Naples, FL

"...all these guys want to talk to you and tell you how they love your kicks, but most guys don't have the guts to compliment a female sneakerHEAD."

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Name: Denise Lai, aka d-nyce
Age: 19
Location: NYC (via Hong Kong)

" There are so many great artists on our site that if FSF ever comes up with their own shoe..." read more

Name: Lindsey Morgan,aka "Mrs. Taylor"
Age: 15
Location: Atlanta, GA (via Florida)

"You know, you spend your whole life searching for the right shoe. And once you find it, what do you do?..."

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Name: Jen Hurtado
Age: 21
Location: Queens, NY

"That’s when I knew I loved sneakers and that the boxes would just keep stackin’ up-- especially since I knew it bugged my mom big time."

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Name: Trizanne
Age: 25
Location: currently, L.A.

"Their first question is always, 'Are there really shoes in all those boxes?'"

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Name: Georgie Darcy
Age: 18
Location: Preston, UK

Favorite sneakers: AF1 & adidas superstars

"I was so terrified that the signature would wash off that I took them off and walked through the city center barefoot..." read more

Name: Lis "Lissential" Lee
Age: 21
Location: Singapore

Favorite sneaker: Jedi Dunk

"...being a female sneaker fiend is really one of a kind so they look at us differently, not trying to mess with us." read more

Name: Angie
Age: 20
Location: Queens, NY

"I’m like a sneaker crack head! Like I need it in me. I cannot NOT have new sneakers." read more

Name: brooklyn
Age: 34
Location: Holyoke, MA (born and raised in Philly)

"I do feel like I'm kind of a sneaker hustler. I'm always kind of on the prowl. I'm looking for that unique pair of shoes…" read more

Name: Loca
Age: 24
Location: Holyoke, MA (born and raised)

"I think I have sneakers that other people don't have, but then I think I have sneakers that other people do have, like obviously my uptowns, but I try to rock them different." read more

Name: LB
Age: 37
Location: Location: Ware, MA (born and raised)

"I can tell you that I still, at 37 years old, whenever I get new sneakers I wear them to bed at night. I don't sleep the whole night." read more

Name: Emily
Age: 16
Location: Northampton, MA (born and raised)

"Well, when you're out in the street you're just looking at all the people that are playing [basketball], you see all these sneakers…" read more

Name: Katrina
Age: 26
Location: Boston, MA (raised in Springfield, MA)

"You watch when you step. If somebody's in your way, you'll stop and wait for them to move out the way, so y'all won't bump sneakers" read more

Name: Yamil
Age: 19
Location: Location: Holyoke, MA (now lives in S'field)

"I want my sneakers to say you can still be girly and trendy and fashionable wearing sneakers. You know what I mean? Like there's no wrong way to wear sneakers." read more

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Name: Allyson
Age: 12
Location: Holyoke, MA

"All the boys that hang with me, they're like, 'Don't step on her sneakers! Whatever you do, do NOT step on her sneakers!' " read more



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